EasyTrashMail.com : Add your domain

You own your domain name ? You'd love to use it with EasyTrashMail, and share it with everyone ? It's really easy :


1. You do understand it will break your emails on this domain, and you agree with that. If you are unsure, please don't do anything and contact us.
2. Modify your the DNS setup, and move the MX field of the domain to :
     10 mx.easytrashmail.com
3. When the DNS is modified and propagated to the Internet, just contact us so that we can check and declare it on our servers.
4. That new domain will be displayed on the main page of our website, so that anyone can use it.

Thank you !

That's all you have to do. And we'd just like to say : thank you !

Recent Updates

[09/26/2020] To improve security, we moved the service to HTTPS !

[06/19/2016] Updated our blocklist of domains (other temporary email services), due to abuse from Asia

[03/28/2011] EasyTrashMail.com is online ! Hello world :-)