Welcome to EasyTrashMail.com !

Fed up with spam filling your inbox ? Get a temporary email address for a few minutes, hours or days (as you need) : all received emails will be automatically redirected to your real email address until expiry. The temporary email address is then automatically destroyed, and you are no more reachable : Your real address is never known, and you don't receive spam. This service is free of charge, no registration required, no password to remember. Enjoy your new spam-free life ;-)
Note: This is not an anonymizer mail service, we just help to fight against spam. So we won't forward mails to other temporary email services.

Email address :

1. Enter your real email address
2. Choose the validity you need
3. Click "create"
4. Get your temporary email address !

Validity :

Send me a reminder 10 min before expiry


Already 534641 temp email created ! 🧡

Recent Updates

[09/26/2020] To improve security, we moved the service to HTTPS !

[06/19/2016] Updated our blocklist of domains (other temporary email services), due to abuse from Asia

[03/28/2011] EasyTrashMail.com is online ! Hello world :-)